Oak Creek Thank You Cards

For a community that loves to gather, social distancing is especially hard. We’re not able to celebrate, connect, and support one another like we’re used to. But, we’ve noticed other creative and extraordinary ways that Oak Creek residents are making positive impacts. From volunteering to working the front lines, putting sewing skills to use by making PPE masks, and business owners doing what they can to provide comfort and aid, our community is staying connected and strong.

The City of Oak Creek simply wants to say Thank You.

Thank you for your hard work. Thank you for your time. Thank you for spreading kindness and positivity.

We want to reward and encourage your positive behavior. Through our Thank You card initiative, we will partner with local non-franchised businesses to award gift cards to people who are promoting positivity in this time of uncertainty. We hope these tokens of our gratitude will help you feel good about supporting the small businesses that are so important to our city, and give you a little boost to keep doing what you’re doing.

We’ll all gather again soon. Until then, keep up the inspiring work. And, Thank You.

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